Hasna Shahida Writes

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Hasna Shahida Writes

The rttavattinre the close of the women employees of a pealicceluttan tirumanattinekkuricculla Enter the term social idiotic ‘by Hasan. Hasnas exposes all the sides of the self promotion through the margin of giving benefits to women.

Hansa says it will be a relief to women, but without the need to improve the needs of women, it is easy to find a way to get a name for women.

Though many commentary demonstrations have come up in the social media, it is the majority who stand behind the idea. Maybe not because it does not understand the business value of the great issue of holidaying for menstruation.

Hasnah writes about the decision making for them without even making a comment on women. There are quite a lot of questions about the whole of the day on the very first day of the menstrual cycle.

Hasnah Shahid writes

A regular routine of transgender programs will be conducted in Kerala. It is a pleasure to see them get to the platform, listening to people, nailing at some of them. But there is a lot of profits for those organizing this event. Advertising that made something extraordinarily vast and revolutionary. Beyond that, the organizers do not even want to have a sincere approach or inclusion of the community. It is the fact that our present program is inaugurated with the community member (even though it has done so).

Even when two companies heard about the menstrual leave, they felt relieved. The celebration and blessing of the day came to light and it was easy. Instead, they change their positions with women.

The decision to consider the women’s biological difficulties is a matter of appreciation. However, even after making a opinion poll among women in those institutions, it is certain that this will not be the first day.
How many women will have more flow and pain than any other day? How many people will have the first day’s leave to get rid of air conditioning? Who knows ahead of time on this very first day?

I would look forward to seeing those hym tags and looking forward to those days of ‘my’ days. I do not have to worry about these women, but I do not think it is a mere ritual. If you have a stomach like a knife and a sneeze from the time you grew up with it, and there is no stagnation of hormones that can be wiped out.

I never felt as though I had been expecting the cycle of every lunar month, as it turned out to be the rotating cycle of the twenty-eight years, so much so that I did not have to suffer so much for seven days, with proportionally pain, suffering, and mental discomfort. For the first time, the seventh day did not stop, and the greater the size of the garment was left behind and the ‘cleansing’ of the kinchondo and the golden ring of the kalkundum.

There was no discipline, no stroke or a menstrual cycle until then. Will like it. Sometimes a week marks a sign that the urinary tract is coming. There is no point. Once in fifteen days, standing screaming will be a thin layer. If a month’s head rotates, it may take two months to get rid of the stomach and diarrhea. There can be no pain in the stomach or footsteps. This will increase in both 4 and 4 days. Now you will see a gynecologist that after all the medication will be corrected. In the days that they expect to receive only one month after the contraceptive drug illness, they will go into blood. For PC


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